Body Temperature Detection System

Safeguard your business for the future.
  • Non-invasive
  • Elevated body temperature detection
  • Automated notifications
  • Puts essential workers safety first
  • How does it work?

    Minimalizes Risk

    Our Body Temperature Detection System is your first line of defense in preventing the spread of illnesses. The system has the ability to instantly find out if a person enters the premises with an elevated body temperature. This rapid awareness insures that you may take immediate actions to ensure the safety of your employees and clientele.

    While the system is a great preventative tool, keep in mind that the system can only detect, measure, and log the variations of skin surface temperatures and provide approximations within 0.5ยบ accuracy. It is not a medical instrument.

    Simple Operation

    We realize you are busy running a business so the B.T.D.S. is designed to be non-invasive and easy to use. Users simply stand 6 to 10 feet infront of the camera and the system will automatically and effectively estimate body temperatures. Users will receive their results with an on screen notification as well as an audible que.

    In the event an elevated temperature is detected the system will notify the user and management simultaneously. The temperature results and a snapshot of the user will be sent out automatically.


    We understand that security is of the utmost importance. Software security is one major concern that is required to build trustworthy software systems. Along side expert installation, training, and support, we will provide your B.T.D.S. with software updates for the lifetime of the system. This will insure your system is always up to date for the constantly evolving technological world we live in.

    Time Effective

    Do away with personnel hired to check individual temperatures. Our Body Temperature Detection System can scan and log users within seconds. The system is always at the ready and can be left to run 24/7 without issue. Keep your business flowing with out the need for invasive, individual temperature checks that are not only time consuming but put employees at risk.

    Expert Installation

    Have your system installed by an expert. Sentry Surveillance technicians are exclusively and individually trained on Sentry Surveillance products. In addition to their in-depth repair knowledge, each Sentry Surveillance technician undergoes training in proper customer etiquette to ensure the most satisfying experience. Technicians are graded on every service visit and given helpful feedback to keep their skills at an optimum level.

    Tech Support and Updates

    We do not out source any of our technical support team. Speak to a real person when you need help. Equipped with technical expertise and background, Sentry Surveillance support team is trained on the proper us of our products and always at the ready to resolve any issues your system may have. We also offer system updates for the lifetimes of the unit.

    If the issue can not be resolved remotely, a Sentry Surveillance field technician will be dispatched to provide customers with on-site assistance.

    Let's Get Back To Work Safely.

    Ensure the safety of your essential employees.


    Automated Notifications

    Receive instant notifications so you can take immediate actions.


    Cost Effective

    Helps protect your business during a pandemic and helps you avoid temporary closures due to the spread of illnesses.



    Detects and logs skin surface body temperature within .5 degrees within seconds.

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    All of our systems are custom designed to meet your business needs. The installations can be upgraded and scaled as needed. Reach out to us now to find out how we can help you.


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    Body Temperature Detection System

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